Stainless Steel Garlic Press

The new kitchen gadget that will make you WANT to cook with garlic!

EAN: 7290017710006

garlic press stainless steel


Large non-slip handles, and ergonomic design make squeezing easier than ever!

The structure of this model creates high leverage, enabling you to crush every clove with minimal physical effort.


This garlic press was designed to maximize the amount of garlic, so you’ll never waste edible parts.

The size of the holes in the chamber creates a perfect balance, that results in perfectly minced cloves with minimum leftovers!


Cleaning is an integral part of the kitchen experience (unfortunately), so it was clear for us that our garlic press should be as easy to clean as possible!

This is why we made sure that all the areas of our model will be reachable and easy to access.

Simply  rinse it under water, or stick it in the dishwasher ☺


This top-notch garlic press has the quality standard of restaurant kitchenware.

It is made of unbreakable and extra durable stainless steel 304 that will last a lifetime!